Start by doing something and see what happens.

Moose, commissioned illustration

The biggest problem getting my new website up and running, illustrating new designs, or editing photographs hinges on me getting in my own way because of Perfectionism. (I gets a capital P because it’s a key character in my life.) I recently watched a Skillshare video that, I can’t be certain, but I was written and recorded specifically for me. It was all about self-sabotage and overcoming perfectionism and silencing your inner critic. And when I was watching it, I was thinking, “How did she get in my head? I feel seen.”

Since then, I have watched it a few times to encourage myself to keep moving forward, to
keep taking steps towards the goal, to do the next thing.

The biggest part of creativity is stepping forward and starting something.

andy baily, andymation

That video encouraged me to truly get started on creating a space for myself and the things that I can offer.

I love when artists encourage other artists, share wisdom, and learned skills that have helped them through road blocks. I recently stumbled upon a YouTube account, Andymation, an animator (who has worked on numerous animated films), but specifically creates flip books for his YouTube videos. They are fantastic and I have learned a lot just by watching a few videos. One in particular stood out to me because he was having trouble getting started.

Yikes. That hit home.

He said, “I think the biggest part of creativity is stepping forward and starting something.” Then he put his pencil down and began to draw.

He didn’t say it had to be perfect. He didn’t say it had to be some magical experience. He just had to get started and creativity bloomed from that.

Isn’t that the truth, though? Just get started and stop thinking through all the ways it won’t work.

Begin. And move forward.

Cactus baby , available on Etsy

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