Hello! I’m Rebecca and I’m a photographer and a graphic designer.

But my main, and most important job, is Mama.

When I was first starting college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Honestly, I wasn’t ready to be there. I had a couple of options when I was sitting in the student relations office. I could declare “undecided” and take a bunch of pointless classes, or I could declare a major and at least try something I knew I liked. I knew I liked photography and I knew I wanted kids. So, I decided to get my degree in photography because I wanted to be able to take great photos of my future kids. No plans beyond that. The path to get my degree wasn’t an easy one. I had a lot of ups and downs. But long story short, here I am. I’m photographing my three amazing kids, my dream from the beginning.

Because of those decisions, I also get to photograph a lot of kids and families. I photograph weddings and events. I photograph people and strive to cultivate a calming and fun environment. And I love it. I love what I do. All of it. The momming and the photographing often overlap, and that’s pretty great because I get to be home with my babies and continue my career.


I love people, from the newest to the oldest. I love to watch how families naturally react around each other.


Just you in your environment. There’s no need to feel like you need to pose for the camera. There’s a quiet calm to being in your own space and being photographed.

Weddings & Events

Capturing your special day is my job. Your job is to remember those moments and enjoy it.

Graphic Design

While graphic design truly is a passion for me, it started out as a necessity. Photography and graphic design go hand-in-hand. In this day in age, it’s hard to do one without the other.

Let’s make something together.

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