Families together, laughing together, loving together. Being an outside viewer (who just happens to have a camera) and get a glimpse of how others show their togetherness is a great honor to me. I love people and I love to show people how wonderful they are together.


Embraced in love

Whether it be the newest love, the most experienced love, or the cutest love, I love to see how people embrace each other.


In their element

Sometimes you have to get on the ground, or tramp through the woods, or splash in a puddle.

That warm glow though

Morning light, evening light, fall light – My favorite time to photograph is when the sun is warm and the light is beautiful.

Interested in their interests

When I photographed Jason for his senior session, he knew what he wanted. He loves on trains and he knew he wanted to do his senior session at the train yard where he works. The ease of him being in a familiar place was apparent. It was more than just a portrait session. Even more, I learned so much from him that day.


Quiet moments at home

There is something special in a lifestyle home session. Maybe it’s the softness of the window light, or the quiet moments with a new baby, or the safety of home. It’s all just a little bit magic.


60 minutes
$300 – 15 full resolution images

Photo sessions booking are now available. You’ll receive a 60 minute session which will include 15 full resolution images + all the processing that goes into it for a discounted price of $300. (Price includes 4 people. If you have more than 4 an additional charge of $25 a person will be added.) All photos will be viewable on your own personal link and additional images will be available for purchase! *Reserve your day and time because spots are limited.*