6th-ish Annual Chili Cook-off

For the past few years, since the passing of my Grandmother, we have held an annual chili cook-off for our big family celebration. You see, when my Grandmother held Thanksgiving in her home, it was a grand affair. All the siblings and cousins and children and grandchildren and friends would come and fill up on all the delicious food and deserts that had been lovingly prepared. I believe we all hold those memories dear to our hearts. That’s why it was a hard decision to figure out what to do with Thanksgiving once she had travelled on to her heavenly home.

The idea of a chili cook-off was suggested. We are a competitive bunch and with the added desire to continue to be together for the holiday the 1st annual Chili Cook-off was held. And it was a hit. So we have continued the tradition each year, with the exception of last year. It was a joy to be together. There was chili and deserts and an axe contest and forest adventures and round robin ping-pong and bluegrass music and fellowship and love. And it was perfect.

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